West coast is the best coast!

Take the plunge, we tell ourselves! We’re backpackers and adventurous, we say! But how intrepid are you really? More often than not, we end up doing the same tours as our friends and go home with a collection of photos that look vastly similar to our mates. So, why not try something completely different and new? A tour that is a perfect blend of different, cheap and full of adventure. Why not take a road trip from Perth, Australia?

Why not bus is a new company, owned and operated by two backpackers in their 20s. We’ve trialled, tested and selected the best spots along the coast to share with our fellow backpacking aficionados. So, you can be sure you’ll have a unique experience that you can brag about to your friends back home! From beaches and parties to camping and new lifelong friends made; at Why not bus you will become part of the family as you take the plunge into the beauty and remoteness of an adventure filled tour from Perth.

On our Perth bus tours, you will have a personal experience and more time to try new activities like surfing, swimming with whale sharks – if you dare, water sports or explore the natural wonders of the national parks and its inhabitants. Our camping tours are designed for backpackers between the ages of 18-35 and with the purposeful intention that you are not just seeing places, but experiencing them! We pride ourselves on experiences done differently – with you, the traveller, in mind.

Backpackers by nature are filled with a sense of adventure and a scent for a great deal. So, with more days for less money, why not come join our family and lose yourself in a fun escapade along the West Coast, the best coast?