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The Why Not Bus is a West Australian backpacker tour bus. Owned and operated by two backpackers in their 20’s, it’s the most fun and personal way to explore, camp, party and travel Western Australia.


epic backpacker tours perth. Why not bus is run by a term of young guys with cheap bus tours up north


Team of people on the whynotbus exmouth to broome tour in western australia
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Go Where The Locals Go.

Run by 2 fun-loving, Aussie adventurers – with Why Not Bus Backpacker Tours you’ll go where the locals go because we ARE the locals. Come sit up the front for a chat, we are here to be one of the crew, not a stressed out guide.

Chill, Don't rush it!

We know holiday’s are for relaxing, that’s why our trips are longer (yet a fraction of the price) of similar tours. We give you time to sip that morning tea and spend nights with new friends around the campfire without the worry of a 5am start the next day.

Exclusive WHY NOT BUS activities

Having more time means we can do extra fun activities! As well as Whale Shark Swims and Dive Tours we offer: Swims with Sea Lions, Surf Lessons, Whale Watching, Jet Skiing and even flights on the Water Jetpack.

White Sandy Beaches & Breathtaking Parks

W.A. is world renowned for it’s endless stretches of beautiful blue oceans and stunning national parks – Our WA tours take you from the Outback to the Coral Coast.

Our Guides are Backpackers As Well!

That’s why we share so much in common with the people on our trips! Both Oli and Leo have travelled the world; picking up funny stories, crazy experiences and learning how to travel, adventure and party on a backpacker budget.

Make real friendships and great memories

We want everyone on the bus to really get to know each other! That’s why we love to play games and get everyone involved (Truth or Dare anyone?). On The Why Not Bus you will feel like you’re on a road trip with your best mates because, by the end, you are!

young backpackers on a white sand west australian beach. Whny Not Bus perth to exmouth tour

WA’s Best Backpacker Tours

Swim WITH Whale Sharks & Manta rays

See and swim with some of the amazing marine life Australia has to offer, take a dip with a Whale Shark, Humpback or Manta Ray in Coral Bay on our Perth to Exmouth Tour.

With West Australia’s Ningaloo Reef just meters from the coast, coral and fish viewing are just a snorkel away. 

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here’s What Our Customers Say

I had the best time on this tour.

From people through music all the way to the WA sightseeing, you will never regret having done this tour. Olly created such a chill atmosphere for everyone that we felt at ease straight away and got along as if we’d known each other for years! The concept of it being less of a tour and more of a “friends get together and travel a bit” is spot on and really works, especially for backpackers.

Barbara (29) Portugal

So GOOD!..

The guys are chilled and lovely, I created the most beautiful friendships during those 10 days I’ll never forget. I’ll miss you guys!

Maud (25), France

Why Not Bus was perfect..

A blend of travel time, sightseeing, and general shenanigans on a budget, like a delicious cocktail that tastes of Solo instead of Fruitylexia. Our group came from seven different countries but we bonded better than superglue to your drunk mate’s face (and had just as much fun and difficulty parting). If you’re looking to see some of the most beautiful and remote parts of WA without the stress but with the added bonus of a loving family of travellers, book yourself a seat. It’s worth it!!!

Nadine (25) Australia

WA’s Longest Backpacker Tours


The biggest benefit in taking all that extra time on a WA tour is all the extra super fun things you can do!

Fancy some stand-up paddle boarding, a ride on a jet-ski, sunset surf lesson or secret scuba dive?

We can do it all, with Australia’s lowest prices.

awesome range of perth to broome tours

Fresh From The Gram!

epic perth to broome road trip hosted by the backpacker tour bus why not bus

Perth to Broome Tour

Get all the way from Perth to Broome with various combined tour options from the Why Not Bus and the Flying Sandgroper. Enjoy significant savings when booking as one package and the flexibility of different tour lengths.

Get all the way from Perth to Broome with various combined tour options from the Why Not Bus and the Flying Sandgroper. Enjoy significant savings when booking as one package and the flexibility of different tour lengths.

Exmouth to Perth Tour

Found your own way up to Exmouth and need a ride back to Perth? Jump on the tail end of our Perth to Exmouth return tour. Leaving every second Thursday from Exmouth.