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Not all tours are created equal..

SO, Why Not Bus?



With Tours between Perth and Broome, all of our tours have been tailored so youre not just seeing places but experiencing them.


Whether you’re with us for a day or a month, every minute on an adventure feels warm, comfortable and personal. Because at Why Not Bus we’re family.


Want to get off the grid? Some of our most memorable times have been created over those long sunny days, bussing through unforgettable scenery.


At Why Not Bus we have one rule: Don’t Rush! Out tours are purposefully thorough because, as travelers ourselves, we know that the journey is more important than the destination..
Get to know Why Not Bus..

OUR Story

The Why Not Bus experience is so more than just your average grandma’s coach tour – owned and operated by two fun loving Aussie Backpackers, it’s the most fun, exciting and personal way to see this amazing country.

At Why Not Bus we have taken our time designing specatular trips and are proud to bring you everything that we love about travel and this beautiful state.

We don’t just see, we explore, camp, chat, joke, and party – all as one big bus family!

Two boys, a bus and a dream..


Two high school mates with a love of backpacking, travelling and making new friends, we started Why Not Bus after agreeing that a dark room, a desk and a chair was not the place to spend 40hrs a week. We knew there had to be something more. So we set out to find it. 



All Round Good-Guy

I worked as an engineer after graduating university but always felt as though spending 40hrs a week in the same room was not for me – there had to be something more! Always having an interest in film and photography, being on the bus gives me a chance to record some amazing wildlife and national parks. On the bus I’ll be your best mate with the camera! Ill help you with a coffee after a big night AND take a quick snap so you don’t forget it!


Passionate Busdriverer

After 5 years study and 4 years work, I decided it was time for a job that I enjoyed. Being on the bus gives me a chance to continue the travelling lifestyle I love while meeting new friends at the same time. I’m a big fan of the outdoors, sports and beaches. Want to go for a surf? I’m there! Once you get to know me you’ll see that I like to take it easy! No stress! And don’t worry, I’ll pull over if you need to pee….again hahaha
Leave the Tourist Trail behind..

A Real West Australian Experience.

Unhappy with some of the tight schedules and unenthusiastic guides we had experienced, we decided to shake things up a little.

That’s why, on Why Not Bus, we take our time and really enjoy the trip – all whilst getting to know all the great people on board.

We’re all about experiencing the real Western Australia and all the fun, adventure, sights, sounds and mate-ship that come with it. With Why Not Bus you’ll won’t just see the locals, you’ll become one.

Adventure is more than just being there.

OUR Tour Promise

We want people to meet the Outback without ever hearing the words “rental car insurance excess” or “it looks like it ran out of oil”. We wanted people to walk away saying, “my new friends taught me that” or “I’ve done that before, I’ll show you how to set it up”. All we need now are the faces from all over the world, the friends, the memories, the laughs and quirky nicknames that you and I will remember for the rest of our lives.