How IT Works


They Why Not Bus sits in the middle of your standard tour and a ride-share. We take a more chilled out approach to travelling with longer trips and more flexible schedules. This means; less time on the bus each day, no super early wake ups, party games at night and just more time enjoying the Best Coast, West Coast! 

The Why Not Bus is designed for fun travellers/backpackers between 18-35 years old (we don’t mind if you are older but young at heart!). We are the only backpacker specific tour on the West Coast and with young enthusiastic guides fun times are assured! 


We run the trip as a family with everyone helping out when it comes to cooking, cleanining and setting up tents.

SO.. What do we eat?

We buy and cook food together as a group on the bus. Got any awesome recipe ideas? bring them up when we decide as a group what meals we want to eat. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything, we have some recipe ideas to get us started!

Food costs for the entire trip generally work out between $5 to $8 a day depending on how gourmet we get. This equates to between $55 – $90 in total for our Exmouth trip and $65 – $105 for our Broome trip. 

At the beginning of each trip we start by adding money to the food fund and depending on how much we spend a little more may need to be added or given back at the end of the trip. (We start with $60 on our Exmouth trips and $80 on our Broome trips to the kitty)

If you have any dietary requirements or allergies let our guides know at the beginning of the trip. In general we cook meals as a vegetarian dish with meat being added on the side. Depending on other dietary requirements you have we will either work with you on making meals that don’t require those ingredients or you have the option to cook your own meals along the way, we will work with you to make sure you’re well fed!

We use our custom camping kitchen trailer to create our culinary delights. With a fridge, cookers and all kitchenware. 

Where do we sleep?

We stay at a mixture of Bush Campsites, Caravan Parks, and Hostels, please see your specific tour inclusions for more details.

Due to the remoteness of some locations, we can’t provide hot showers every night but there are almost always toilets.

When camping, you have the option to either bring your own sleeping bag, inflatable mattress and tent or can rent them for the duration of the trip for $10 each item.  

Accomodation may vary slightly on some trips due to weather or other circumstances

What Is INcluded?

Many, many things, including;

  • A guided tour along the West Coast.
  • All accomodation and national park fees.
  • Daily activities including beach, town and national park visits. 
  • Pink Lake
  • Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience

What isn’t included;

  • Food (See section earlier on this page for more details)
  • Extra Activities and tours (See next section for more details)



CAN WE do?

The West Coast is ram packed full of amazing activities to do, these include;

  • Sea Lion Experience
  • Manta Ray Snorkel or Dive (Day 7 in Coral Bay) 
  • Quad Bike Tours (Coral Bay Evening Day 6 or Day 7 in Coral Bay)
  • Humpback or Whale shark swims ( Day 7 in Coral Bay or Day 9 in Exmouth)
  • Surfing in Exmouth (Day 8 or 9 in Exmouth)

Plus more, just ask your guide if there is any activity you would like to do when the trip starts.

It is recommended to book activities like Whale shark and Manta Rays swims in advance as sometimes these fill up. We recommend using Ningaloo Reef Dive and Snorkel in Coral Bay and Exmouth Dive Centre in Exmouth but feel free to use any local provider you prefer. (Pickup location for tours in Exmouth is from Yardie Homestead)

All extra activities are run by external suppliers and whilst we have recommended suppliers, Why Not Bus takes no responsibility for these extra tours or if they get canceled for any reason. 

AND, What do we bring?

All camping and cooking gear is available on the bus. You will need to bring, swim wear, sunscreen, insect repellent, warm clothes, walking shoes and a torch.

We have usb and 240v power available whilst the bus is driving to charge phones and cameras.

Please limit luggage to one reasonable sized backpack or suitcase (around 15kg) plus one carry on per person. Games, snorkelling and sports gear is available on the bus.