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SO..  eat?

We buy and cook food together as a Why Not Bus family on our multi-day tours. At the start of every trip, everyone puts $50 each into the communal “Food Fund” and with this we decide what ingredients to buy as a group. This simplifies the cooking process, keeps the costs down and gives you the choice on what delicious treats to eat. On average we have spent around $5 to $8 per day, per person, it all depends on how gourmet we get! We have a full kitchen in our camp trailer to cook up these magnificent feasts with.

If you have specific dietary requirements you have the option of cooking your own meals separately.

Where do we sleep?

Camping under the stars! The only way to see all the amazing secluded spots in WA is to leave your hostel bed and jump in one of our tents. We camp at a mixture of free campsites and paid caravan parks keeping costs down and those Milky Way views unobstructed.

Due to the remoteness of some locations, we can’t provide hot showers every night but there are always toilets. You are more than welcome to bring your own tents, swags, sleeping bags and mattresses etc.

AND, What do we bring?

All camping and cooking gear is available on the bus. You will need to bring, swim wear, sunscreen, insect repellent, warm clothes, walking shoes and a torch.

We have usb and 240v power available whilst the bus is driving to charge phones and cameras.

Please limit luggage to one reasonable sized backpack or suitcase (around 15kg) plus one carry on per person. Games, snorkelling and sports gear is available on the bus.