Why a bus tour is the cheapest and coolest way to get to Shark Bay!

Shark Bay is an awesome place to visit. The westernmost part of Australia, Shark Bay is known for its chilled-out dugong population, spectacular beaches and underground stromatolites in the caves. However, as backpackers soon find out, Western Australia is a huge place and Shark Bay is a long way from most of the other tourist sites of the state.

Road trip

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to get from Perth to Shark Bay, there are a few options. Lots of backpackers opt for a Perth to Shark Bay road trip. While you can sometimes score a spot in a backpacker’s van or car it’s not ideal, as often these cars are not in great condition and you run the risk of breaking down in one of the more remote parts of the state. A much better option is to get on one of our bus tours and get there in comfort. Our bus rides are fun and interactive, so you’ll get to know everyone on the tour and be able to swap stories with them.

Will not break the bank

Our Shark Bay tours are a great option for travellers on a budget. They are run by backpackers, for backpackers, and we know how to make sure that you have a great time. You’ll get to hang out with other cool travellers, share stories and see some of the best beaches in the world as well as our favourite hidden sites along the way. What could be better than that?

Enhance your tour of Australia

Our tours are fun and designed so that you get to see the best of Shark Bay. We design our tours so that you get to make the most of the time you have with us, with an emphasis on having fun and enjoying our time together. We understand that this is a trip of a lifetime, so we want to make sure you enjoy it as much as we do.