Are you traveling to Western Australia and just not sure what to do?

Maybe you’re looking to visit a deserted beach paradise? Or slide through a couple of world-class wineries? Or could it be you’re into field runs through miles of mesmorising wildflowers? Or perhaps shacking up in an international surfing mecca is more your scene? Well Why Not Bus knows a spot that’s got you covered!

From it’s breathtaking beaches to its lush forests, there aren’t many places on the globe that can top South West Australia. Apart from having one of the best climates on Earth – boasting super sunny summers and mild (if a little frosty) winters – the entire region is a remote and stunning world that is absolutely bursting with activity!

It’s why so many people choose to relocate here – whether as a digital nomad (in areas like advertising or content marketing) or to just live and work in the many bars and restaurants in the area!

Why Visit South West Australia?

More than just an ideal place to spend the odd weekend away, Australia’s South West (lovingly referred to as Down South, or even Dowth) is a full blown adventure wonderland for all ages.

Where else can you enjoy rolling hills, a dense rainforests, a deserted beach and then kick back with a glass of hand picked cab-sav in one day?

The best part? it’s just a few hours drive away from Perth.

Not only is it packed with sights and sounds, the whole South West Australia region is infused with a humble small town-like charm. It truly feels like everyone is part of a vibrant and close community.

All this set against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, lush landscapes, rare native wildlife and a tonne of plant species found nowhere else in the world.

Yep, Down South is natural beauty at its very best.

Love The Sand? Check Out The Beaches

Beach lover? Look no further!
Basking in warm summer sunshine, South West Australia is a well known world hot-spot for beach lovers – and we think this is a truly deserving reputation.

From a swim with dolphins in Bunbury to a secret cove in Esperance, ocean lovers can enjoy a spectacular coastal getaway – set against white sandy beaches, and pristine crystal-clear waters.

Imagine waking to the smell of the sea and the sound of waves crashing outside? Or enjoying a beachside meal while taking in magnificent views of glistening waters and spectacular sunsets. Or even having a fish for your own dinner!? Down South can provide.

Of course the beaches are beautiful no matter when you decide to visit, but for that real Aussie experience of hot sand and cold beers, summer is the time to go. Apart from the warm sand and long nights, this time of year allows you to enjoy the full range of diverse activities like snorkeling, diving, canoeing, kayaking, surfing and much more.

Winter, on the other hand, serves up its own delights: enjoy some beautiful whale watching around Albany and Augusta while you sip on your cup of hot chocolate.

No matter what the time, the region is unmissable if your on the West Coast.

Get Into Surf Mode

Avid surfer? Or perhaps complete novice? It actually doesn’t matter – if you want to hit the waves Down South is where you want to be!

Famous for its spectacular surf spots, the southern region attract visitors from all across the country (and the world) to it’s amazing variety of quality waves. The greatest thing about it is that it can cater for almost everybody; from beginner level breaks to more daring professional zones. It is this choice and consistency that has made Down South a world mecca for surfing.

Don’t know how to surf? No problem – South West Australia has a number of places to hire a surfboard and even learn from a master, with lessons pretty much daily at one of the premier surf schools.

Keener to stay landlocked? Why not take a seat and watch some of the best do their thing! There are a number of surfing events held in Margaret River Region each year – culminating in the internationally renowned Margaret River Pro which showcases the world’s best pros every April.

Enjoy A Glass Or More Of Fine Wine? Visit The Wineries!

Enjoy a glass (or several) of fine wine? Then we have just the place for you. Surrounded by forests and waterfalls, the world-famous Margaret River wine region alone makes South West Australia worth a visit, no matter when you decide to make a trip.

The wine regions offer unrivalled beauty and tranquility, served up with some of the best bottles of vino the world has to offer. Littered with dozens of vineries, the region is an absolute treasure trove for those looking to have a drop of all varieties.

With a region so ridiculously rich in diversity, we know that you’ll find plenty to do Down South. Even if none of the above sounds like you don’t worry – guarantee that you’ll struggle to find any problems enjoying the idyllic surrounds.

A welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities – a visit to the unmissable South West Australia will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Up for an adventure?

All this sound too good to be true?? Give us a call today to check out how you can jump on one of our south west tours – or even just for a chat! We’ve been travelling this region for as long as we can remember and would be stoked to give you our insider tips.