Heading to Perth and looking for a little local inspiration?

Or maybe you’re here already and need some extra exploration motivation?

At Why Not Bus we’re stoked to be able to experience the beauty of this great state every day. From the endless stretches of crystal blue seas to the red dirt of the outback, all of its parts are truly unique.

But sometimes we forget that for someone a million miles away it can be difficult to truly experience just what’s going on down under without actually being here.

So we’ve decided to give you the next best thing! A top 9 list of the best Instagram accounts to follow if you want a quick escape into the best of Western Australia.

Dreaming of lazing a deserted beach? Or maybe jumping on a once in a lifetime Perth to Exmouth tour?

Well let these amazing local feeds doing incredible content marketing inspire you to start packing your bags.


While it’s impossible to say which of these accounts is the best, we would say that @Wonderlust.Perth is (arguably) the prettiest.

What makes them so beautiful? Well one factor is that all the images are sourced from professional photographers that have fallen in love with Australia’s West Coast.

This extensive network makes Wonderlust’s photos both visually stunning and stylistically unique.

Get ready to see everything from staggering aerial shots of empty beaches to dreamy captures of Perth’s growing night scene.


Speaking of killer aerial shots, if you’re a fan of beaches (especially from above) you need to be following Salty Wings.

Another collective of talented artists, Salty Wings was created with one purpose in mind:

Showcasing the amazing beaches of W.A. .

And we have to say, they’ve succeeded.

From the stunning bird’s eye of City Beach to the lush Pink Lake, there’s something extremely graceful about this selection of photographs.

Ok, so we’ve seen the beaches – now it’s time to actually get into the water…


Heading north on a Perth to Exmouth tour? Wondering if it’s worth hitting Ningaloo Reef? Two minutes on @Oceancollective and we guarantee you’ll be packing your boardies and loading up the van.

Founded by Tom and Sam, the page is dedicated to showcasing the incredible and diverse wildlife that call Ningaloo Reef home.

Get your feed going with a glimpse of everything – from giant turtles and manta rays to awe-inspiring tiger sharks and humpback whales.

Equally as captivating is..


A free diver and ocean lover, Daniel’s passion for nature really shines through on this captivating feed.

With each carefully considered shot, Dan seems to be able to capture the real essence of W.A.’s rich aquatic wild life.

All that time underwater also means he’s been lucky enough to encounter some really spectacular displays. Like these hectic photos he got of a tiger shark mealing on a giant turtle!

Sticking with the solo travellers…


As if all these pages weren’t envy inducing enough already, the amazing shots (and lifestyle) of Alex Kidd is guaranteed to make you a little green. But you know, in an inspiring way.

From playing with dolphin pods to exploring mystic underwater landscapes Alex’s instagram game is seriously on point.

So if you need a little kick to get out there and start exploring W.A. (and the world) Alex is definitely worth a follow.


And while we’re recommending pages to get you moving – our own Why Not Buser Oliver Horn’s feed is a definitely must-follow.

An avid photographer, traveller and lover of aesthetics, Oli’s page is chock-a-block with captivating images (from both on and off the bus).

The best part?

Apart from being great photos, Oli’s shots give you a glimpse into the real life of our one of our favourite guides – from the best of the Southwest to snaps of local bands and travels abroad.

Of course, there’s no point mentioning Oli without also kicking in a little plug for..



Yeah we know it’s a little cheeky, but in all honesty we take a lot of time on our Instagram. It captures our favourite moments and we’re proud of all the photos that we post.

Whether it be spectacular sunsets on deserted beaches to a bit of bush trekking with natural giants, every shot on our page comes from the guides and adventurers actually on our tours.

So whether you want to get a feel for the vibe of the Why Not Bus, or are just trying to inject a little wonder into your scroll, we can’t recommend the page highly enough.


The ‘official’ page of W.A.’s stunning coral coast, this page is a real inspiration if your heading to Exmouth from Perth.

Another collective page @australiascoralcoast is a wash with striking images. The great thing is that the images are compiled from a range of sources.

From tourist’s snaps (even ones from people in Perth IT) to the work of seasoned professionals.

That’s what makes this feed special. Whether it’s a cheeky kangaroo or a golden sunset at natures window – it’s genuine.

The best of the North West, showcased daily.


And who could forget the @westernaustralia page?

A quick follow and you’ll get a taste of everything happening around our great grand state. And we mean everything. Be prepared to see the real Perth and Western Australia – from quokka selfies to sunset cricket games.

If it’s on in W.A. you’ll catch it on this page.

And that’s it! 9 of the best from this wide and beautiful western side of the world’s biggest island.

Of course if these feeds have sparked your inner adventurer don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to chat about the best trick, tips and info to help you travel and explore Western Australia.

**Have We Missed Something?

Have you seen an amazing Instagram Account that we’ve missed? Or are you a budding photo genius and want to be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below!!