Life feeling a little, unexciting? Constantly day dreaming of escaping?


Let us guess, the perfect place is a pristine oasis with nothing but cool water and the sound of exotic birds and waterfalls to keep you company?


Well dream no more, because we’ve found it for you – and it’s right here in Western Australia.


Situated in the stunning Pilbara region, Karijini National Park is a must-stop for anyone doing the drive from Perth to Broome. A staple of North West Australia, Karijini is the second largest national park in the state.


Which is awesome news for travellers as every inch of this stunning landmark it is filled with lush greenery and captivating waterfalls to awe-inspiring gorges.


Picture a dense and beautiful oasis of reds, greens and blues that stretches over 6,000 km.


What’s more, this ancient landscape is also home to an amazing array of animals and adventure opportunities, making it a truly unique phenomenon – and definitely one worth visiting at any time of the year.


The Why Not Bus absolutely loves this part of the world (and recommends it to anyone keen on touring to Broome from Perth)



But if you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons why Karijini National Park is so unmissable.



Spotting An Abundance Of Native Wildlife


What would an All Aussie Adventure be without a tonne of weird and wonderful creatures?


Luckily there’s an abundance of unique animals that call Karijini National Park home. From the classics (like kangaroos and wallabies) to things that crawl, fly, swim, slither and everything in-between.


If you’re an animal enthusiast, Karijini National Park is one stop shop for the truly remarkable.


Mystic Trails For Avid Hikers


Are you an outdoorser looking for adventure?


Well look no further than Karijini. With its miles of untouched bushland trails and fascinating tracks, the park is a mecca for those who enjoy a good hike.


So pack up a picnic and lace up the Merrells, a treck through this part of the world is second to none. It’s literally one of the only places on the globe that will allow you to get up close and personal with so much diverse wildlife and vegetation.


Oh and did we mention the spectacular views of waterfalls and gorges?


We honestly reckon that there’s nothing better than spending a day exploring the park – stopping here and there for a snack, a cheeky selfie or even a swim…


**Please note – while we love the tracks, make sure to check the difficulty and to ascertain your own fitness levels before embarking on any of them!


Swimming In Pristine Waters


So not only does Karijini provide some of the most idyllic hikes in the country, it also provides you with the perfect places to cool off.


And we’re not talking about just in some dull, shallow river; the waterways of  Karijini National Park are comprised of pristine blue waters that flow from the gorges into the sheltered lakes and billabongs.


Imagine indulging in a long dip in a clear lake, warm breeze blowing and waterfall cascading in the background.


Not bad eh?


Among the number of spots for escaping the sun we recommend:


  • Fortescue Falls – a virtual swimming pool with a year round flowing waterfall. A gorgeous sight, especially considering you’re in the middle of a desert.
  • Hamersley Gorge – a natural spa pool that has a natural bubbling effect, like a bush spa! The gorge can be accessed from the brilliant Hamersley Gorge walk and is a true escape into relaxation.

Ancient Cultural Heritage


One of the most overlooked (and in our opinion, special) parts of the park is it’s ties to the ancient culture of the first Australians.


In fact, Karijini is home to no less than three distinct peoples: the Innawonga, Kurrama and Banyjma Aboriginal, whose origins can be dated back to more than 20,000 years ago (meaning they were around during the last ice age…).


Given it’s natural beauty it’s no surprise that the gorges served as a keystone to these cultures traditions. And for people interesting in learning more about Australia’s rich native history, here you can find everything from sacred burial sites to group meeting places.


***Given this rich cultural significance The Why Not Bus always advises anyone touring from Perth to Broome and stopping in to keep the noise low and show their respect when visiting the area.


The Most Ancient Rocks In The World


Pretty cool fact: the rocks that are found at Karijini National Park are some of the oldest anywhere in the world. They are even older than animal fossils.


What’s even cooler?


These rock formations and rocky tunnels are typically accompanied by flowing streams and waterfalls. Leading to hidden coves that you can swim in.


Where else can you literally wade into a piece of the planets history?


Unforgettable Star Gazing Experiences


City slicker? Ever wondered what the sky really looks like at night?


Because of it’s distance from, well, anything Karijini is one of the best spots to enjoy a truly incredible night under the stars. An experience made all the more enjoyable after a hard day’s trekking and swimming.


So dust off the tent (or roll out the swag) and get ready to appreciate the wonders of the heavens at their unadulterated best.


Hot tip: There are plenty of camping options available at the national park – Dales Gorge Campsite, Savannah Campground and Karijini Eco Retreat which will allow you to get comfy and enjoy the spectacular West Australian sky.


Spectacular Sunrises And Sunsets


You couldn’t get a better sunrise than from the national park, especially if you decide to camp here and experience both.


Hot tip: If you can, visit Knox Lookout, an area well known for its spectacular sunrise and sunset views.


Views Like No Other


Love a good squiz into the horizon? You’re in luck! Karijini is peppered with plenty of amazing lookouts that make for unforgettable experiences.


One of the best is definitely the Oxer Lookout. A must-visit for the ultimate viewing experience this post allows you to look out over four gorges – Red, Weano, Joffre and Hancock.


The view from this vantage point is all time. Something about staring out over the quite landscape brings a truly unique outlook to the magnificence of the region.


In fact many of the crew on our Perth to Broome tour considered this one of the most memorable in all of Western Australia.


BONUS: Colourful Crafting Beautiful Backdrops


We wouldn’t be doing the park justice without mentioning it’s flora.


Karijini National Park boasts a great deal of native vegetation, from ancient ghost gums to a diverse range of wildflowers.  


These flowers (which range from lemongrass and wattles to northern bluebells) create amazing pops of colour against the red earth and blue skies. Even those that aren’t flower lovers can admit that this is a true beauty of nature.



From the diverse wildlife to the stream of clear blue pools and jaw-dropping views we hope that these unique reasons give you the kick you need to visit the Karijini National Park.


Got you convinced?


The Why Not Bus spends extensive amount of time in the park on our Perth to Broome tour (via Karijini) – and are more than happy to hand out tips!


So if your making the drive or considering a tour make sure to hit us up and see how we can help you make your experience even better than those day-dreams!