Thinking about making the drive from Perth to Exmouth? Heard it was A LONG way and not sure if it’s worth it?

At Why Not Bus we love to head north. There’s nothing like winding down the window, kicking back with you favourite tunes and enjoying the open road.

What’s more, there’s a tonne of amazing places to stop at along the way. And while we’d love to have you on the bus, we’ve put together a lil’ list of our favourite spots from Perth to Exmouth for people that want to do it solo.

Whether you decide to go bush trekking or exploring coral reefs, we hope some of these insider tips help you have a truly once in a lifetime experience.

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Cervantes & The Pinnacles
Pinnacles Perth to Exmouth Tour

An intimate fishing village blessed with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, Cervantes is a must hit destination.

Just two hours north of Perth on the way to Exmouth, Cervantes is a mecca for the budding fisherman or beach body. With endless stretches of clear water and empty beaches if you’re keen to get a tan or a couple of Insta snaps this the place to be.

It even has its own offshore reef and secluded Islands for snorkelers!

Cervantes is also a doorway to the world renowned Pinnacles. A beautiful and ancient rock formation in the middle of the desert. A mysterious place of cultural importance this mystical site is a must see.

  • Take a swim at Thirsty Point or Hangover Bay (you may even see a Kangaroo or two!).
  • Stuff your face with super fresh seafood at The Lobster Shack.
Backpackers taking surfing lesson in Exmouth after the Perth to Exmouth drive

Geraldton (or ‘Gero’ by locals) has some of the coolest history of any of the spots from Perth to Exmouth.

If you’re keen to learn about Australia’s first inhabitants, Geraldton has an absolute boatload to enjoy. With Aboriginal culture in the area dating back 40,000 years.

With a rich maritime history, the coastline surrounding Geraldton is home to a large number of wrecks, all with stories to tell. Head to the HMAS Sydney II Memorial to get a taste of Australian military history.

With a captivating and unique design, the memorial commemorates 645 sailors who lost their lives in the Second World War. As a bonus the memorial area also showcases some the most spectacular views of the town and the coast!

  • St. Francis Xavier Cathedral – built in 1916, this church is a small but super quaint piece of W.A. architecture.
  • Pick Up a paddle and try some stand up surfing! Rapidly increasing in popularity throughout Australia. There’s a bunch of beaches (and places to rent a board) in the area.

Often overlooked, Carnarvon is a unique town with an intergalactic history.

This little place became a piece of history when NASA set up a look-out station to track THE Apollo space program! While shut down now, remnants of the old station still exist.

With such a rich background a visit to the Space and Technology Museum is highly recommended.

Carnarvon is also a vibrant produce town – and here you’ll find everything from agriculture to tropical fruit. Make sure to visit a local farmer who is sure to offer you a taste of their delicious, fresh produce!

  • If you’re spending the night here, you have to walk along the Fascine at sunset. The scene is unbelievable.
Kallbari Beach

Definitely worth a stop (or even a night or two), Kalbarri is home to stunning beaches, spectacular Sea Cliffs that rival the Great Ocean Road and a wide array of wildlife. An animal lovers paradise, Kalbarri is at the mouth of the Murchison River – making for stunning views of both a river and an ocean.

Walking through Kalbarri National Park and along the coast is a marvel to the senses. You can see everything from humpback whales and dolphins, to flocks of local pelicans.

Need more incentive to make this a must-stop destination on your way from Perth to Exmouth? Kalbarri is surrounded by a bunch of protected swimming bays and secret gorges. Seriously.

  • Take a walk along the rock forms near the Natural Bridge and Island Rock. Not only is the scenery and trekking awesome, the views are world class.
Hamelin Pool

Tucked into the World Heritage Listed Shark Bay region, Hamelin Pool is one spot everyone can feel connected to. Why? Well the pool is home to an abundance of living stromatolites.

Umm what-a-lites? Why would I like to see that?

Well stromatolites are the largest and oldest living microorganisms that still exist on Earth. In fact these guys can be traced back almost 3.5 billion years. They are literally a link to the ancient world that we have evolved from. Amazing hey?

We think a living piece of everyone’s history is well worth a stop on the way from Perth to Exmouth.

Shell Beach And Eagle Bluff
Humpbacks Perth to Exmouth Tour

Seemingly just another beautiful large stretch of beach, Shell Beach is a hidden record keeper. Amazingly it is one of the two beaches in the whole world made entirely out of shells. Millions and millions and millions of shells.

And while you’ve made the stop it would be hard to leave Eagle Bluff off a list of musts. A magnificent wooden walkway, Eagle Bluff boasts some of the most amazing panoramic ocean views on this list.

This is also a prime spot for taking a snorkel or dive with the valley below swarming with an array of sea life. A snorkel in Eagle Bluff will give you the opportunity to get in amongst dolphins, rays and even dugongs!

  • If you decide to snorkel keep your eyes peeled for the ultra-rare West Australian Seahorse. While we don’t guarantee you’ll catch one we have heard that they will mystically appear from time to time.
Coral Bay
Shot of tourists watching the whale sharks in exmouth

With a name like ‘Coral Bay’ it’s no surprise that this is THE stop for snorkeling lovers.

Thanks to calm, protected waters the reef is alive with techno-colour fish, slow moving rays, ancient turtles, a captivating reef and so much more. The ecosystem here is immense and beautiful and more than worth driving the distance.

As the reef is practically on the shore, these captivating creatures are just a hop-skip and a jump away from the sand. Meaning you don’t need to make the choice between getting amongst it all or just chilling on the beach. Do both!

  • Jump a boat and swim with Whale Sharks in Ningaloo Reef. A once in a lifetime adventure these guys are massive and amazing!
  • The Bakery! It’s world class! Big Kev’s Brekky Pie is up there as one of our favourites.

As you can see, a road trip along the captivating Coast of Western Australia from Perth to Exmouth is literally packed with everything. From natural beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes, to ancient history and space flight. So if you’re on the fence about doing the trip rest assured – you are never in danger of feeling bored.

Liking the sound of ALL of these amazing things? Well why not jump on the Why Not Bus on one of our Perth to Exmouth tours? We can show you these spots plus even MORE! Plus you’re guaranteed the one important thing we didn’t mention – good company!