In Perth for a super quick stop and not sure what to do?

Of course we know not everyone can afford the time (or cash) to spend a week or more exploring the entire Western Coast of Australia so we’ve rounded up the best things to do for a Perth day tour.

So, if you’re keen to see the best of what 1 day can offer, here’s what we suggest you check out during your visit to Perth:

The Swan Valley – A Mecca for Food and Wine

They say all the best trips have a wine story. And whether you’d like to test the theory or are looking to add another chapter – the glorious Swan Valley is the place is for you.

With some of the best foods and wines on offer, heading to the Swan Valley is a must if you’re only here for a short time.

The best part?

It’s less than an hour away from Perth.

So swap the club-hopping for wine-sipping and cheese-munching because this place has a bevy of wineries where you can enjoy a cheeky tasting accompanied by a gourmet winery lunch, cheese and chocolate.

And as if the wine wasn’t enough, there are beer tastings too.

Now, that’s a tour!

Be careful though – the Valley is addictive and we know more than one person that has decided to just pack up and move from Perth to the Swan Valley.

We definitely recommend:

The Feral Brewery. A MUST stop for craft beers and delicious tucker. Hot tip – try to get in on a bi-yearly ‘Tusk’ Day and try the breweries famous 10.3% pale ale.

Houghtons Vineyard: A Swan Valley staple. Apart from the tasty wines – It’s also got some beautiful grounds.

Spring in the Valley: A day where Perth locals hire a bus and tour the vineyards, this tradition is now in its 20th year.

Pinnacles Desert, Yanchep National Park and Lancelin Sand Dunes

If you’re a lover of nature and national parks, there is no way you can skip on this adventure. The Nambung National Park and Yanchep National Park are just outside of Perth and promise you a day of getting immersed in the beauty of the Australian landscape.

While you’re there we’d definitely recommend a visit to the natural wonder that is the Pinnacles desert.

Only a quick trip from Perth, coming out here will also allow you a close up look at Australian wildlife – including everybody’s favourite: The Kangaroo.

What’s more just north of Perth is Lanceline (or Lano as it’s lovingly referred to by locals). This sleepy gem offers a brilliant opportunity to have a surf or hit some sand boarding at the Lancelin Sand Dunes.

You won’t leave without a little bit of local knowledge either as you will get to learn about the history and legends of the area, the Aboriginal culture and finish things off with a dive in the Indian Ocean.

Rottnest Island – An Island in The Sun.

From the desert to the beach, Perth is an amazing place for the ultimate single day tour.

And what would a recommendation list be with a shout out to fan favourite Rottnest Island.

About an hours boat ride from Fremantle, Rotto is nothing short of spectacular. With crystal blue beaches to hidden coves, the island is truly a unique escape.

Dolphins, sea birds, seals and, most importantly the adorable quokka are only a quick boat ride away.

If you’re spending a day adventuring on the island be sure to allow yourself plenty of free time.

Hot Top: Hire a bike. This is going to open the door to exploring the whole island in just a couple of hours. Of course there is SO much to see that you may end up spending a night in the hotel or campsites.

WIth all that’s on offer in this beautiful city, it’s no wonder that for a lot of travellers just one day tour simple isn’t enough!

If you’re liking the sound of these adventures, contact the Why Not Bus for more tips and tricks for you Perth Day tour or take a look at some of our many other backpacker adventure tours!

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